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St. Patrick

Was St Patrick Really italian?

Little is known about the Details of St Patrick’s Life. Most agree that he was a missionary in Ireland during the 2nd half of the 5th century. He is also considered to be the founder of Christianity in Ireland.

He was born in “Roman Britain” which was an area of Great Britain or Wales governed by the Roman Empire. Some say his name at birth was Maewyn Succat. Although Patrick referred to himself in his own writings as Patricius. Most agree that at when Patrick was 16 he was captured by Irish invaders. He spent 6 years as a slave before escaping and finding his way back to his family. He then began his missionary work. Little is known about the places he worked, but It is believed he became the first bishop of Ireland. He eventually became the patron saint of Ireland.

It is believed that his father, Calpurnius and mother Conchessa were high ranking Roman officials.  In this era, it is very possible his parents were Romans and that Patrick was Roman as well. But it’s also unlikely they have any ancestors connecting Patrick to the italian Peninsula. They were Romans because of the Roman occupation of Great Britain and Wales.

So, while we love to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, Most would say the answer to the Question is.

No St Patrick is not italian! 

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