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Very Lemon Bundt Cake

Easy Method From Sharon Ricciardelli Prepare Bundt pan by greasing and flouring the pan thoroughly. In large bowl mix all ingredients together and beat until smooth and light. Pour mixture into prepared Bundt pan. Preheat over to 350 and bake for 45 minutes. When done let cool completely before removing from pan. Dust with confectioners sugar, top with ice cream, berries or your favorite topping.  Ingredients:  1 box of white cake mix 2 tbsp. oil 3 eggs 1/4 cup water 1/2 cup Limoncello Juice of 2 Lemons Zest of 2… Continue Reading…


Connie Francis

The 20th Century produced many popular singers. Of all the great “girl singers,” no one personified her generation, or was more idolized by millions across the world than Connie Francis, who was born Concetta Maria Franconero on December 12, 1937 in the Italian section of Newark, New Jersey, the daughter and first child of George and Ida Franconero, Italian-American parents.​​ From the age of three, George Franconero recognized his daughter’s outstanding talent and, at his persistence, she began taking accordion lessons. However, her musical ingenuity would not be served well… Continue Reading…


Tony Bennett

Anthony Dominick Benedetto was born on August 3, 1926 at St. John’s Hospital in Long Island City, Queens, NY. He is the son of grocer John Benedetto and seamstress Anna Suraci, and was the first member of his family to be born in a hospital. His father John had emigrated from Podàrgoni, a rural eastern district of the southern Italian city of Reggio Calabria. Anna had been born in the U.S. shortly after her parents also emigrated from the Calabria region in 1899. Raised in Astoria to an Italian-American family,… Continue Reading…

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Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi, by Matt Gill Vince Lombardi was born on June 11, 1913 in Brooklyn, New York. While watching Super Bowl 55 on February 7, 2021, I began a look back at the Super Bowl, I quickly discovered the names of 200 Italians, and Americans of Italian descent, who all had a big impact on American Football. Yes, there were a few Italians from Italy who played American football. In fact, there is even an Italian Football League the IF that started in 2008.      Our own Italian American football… Continue Reading…

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Italian Food

This is from our Italian Festival of Angels board collection. Glenn and I were on a roll and just picked a couple items to complete the board content.  We had some motivation for thinking of the Muffuletta because in 2007 a vendor was supposed to sell the Muffuletta sandwich, but unfortunately they did not attend for personal reasons. I offered a refund but they graciously offered the Fee as a donation. The Muffuletta: Crusty Italian Bread, Olive oil on both sides of the bread, chopped green and black olives, Good… Continue Reading…


The Coppola (Hat)

I can remember both My Grandfather’s, My Father and Father-in-law wearing the hat know as COPPOLA. I’m sure that many more of us have memories of relatives wearing this hat. Many of us still wear the Coppola hat. I know I have done so. It’s traditionally known as an Italian hat. The style is a flat cap. The theory is this “flat cap” originated in England during the reign of the Tudors. Then sometime in the early 20th century, it became popular in Sicily and Calabria, the Coppola Hat became… Continue Reading…


Annette Funicello

Annette Joanne Funicello was born October 22, 1942, in Utica, New York, to Italian-Americans Virginia Jeanne Albano and Joseph Edward Funicello. Her family moved to Southern California when she was four years old. Funicello began her professional career as a child performer at the age of twelve. She rose to prominence as one of the most popular Mouseketeers on the original Mickey Mouse Club. She later starred in films like The Shaggy Dog and the Beach Party series with Frankie Avalon. She opened the Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Disorders in 1993.Website: Annette Funicello

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Dom DiMaggio

Dominic Paul DiMaggio was born on February 12, 1917 born to Sicilian immigrants, Guiseppe and Rosalie DiMaggio. The couple had traveled to America in 1898, leaving behind the community of Isola delle Femmine off the coast of Sicily and the waters where the DiMaggios had been fishermen for generations. Dom was nicknamed “The Little Professor”,  and was an American Major League Baseball center fielder. He played his entire 11-year baseball career for the Boston Red Sox (1940–1953). DiMaggio was the youngest of three brothers who each became major league center fielders, the others… Continue Reading…

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Vince DiMaggio

Vincent Paul DiMaggio was born September 6, 1912, in Martinez, California, to Sicilian immigrants Guiseppe and Rosalie DiMaggio. The couple had traveled to America in 1898, leaving behind the community of Isola delle Femmine off the coast of Sicily and the waters where the DiMaggios had been fishermen for generations. Vince was the oldest brother of Joe and Dom DiMaggio. Vince DiMaggio was the first DiMaggio brother to play Major League Baseball. He was a center fielder. During a 10-year baseball career, Vince played for the Boston Bees (1937–1938), Cincinnati… Continue Reading…

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Michael Piazza

Sports, in particular, New York Sports teams were the binding factor of the 4 Generations of Ricciardelli. from my Grandfather Leo, my dad Anthony myself and  my Daughter Alayna. Then you can add in the Uconn Woman’s Basketball program. Since its spring and Baseball season just underway I’ll focus on Baseball Players of Italian American Heritage that made a difference to me and my family. I’d Like to focus on the National league teams, which of course would be the New York Giant’s the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York… Continue Reading…

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