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Newsletter June 2021

Next Meeting July 6 2021 If you have information for the newsletter please send to Lenny before the 21st of each month.

Ciao, everyone!
Regular Lodge Meetings: We are once again meeting in person, the Lodge regular stated meetings are still going to be held at St Frances Cabrini Church, on the first Tuesday of the every month, at 7 pm. Plans are we will also live stream and or record our regular meetings temporarily as long as there is an interest in us doing so. I’m also open to holding a recap meeting in the am once a month, the exact time and day is not determined yet.
Dues: We are not going to require anyone to pay dues in 2021. As of January 1, 2022 yearly dues will once again be $45.00 yr. for all current members. As of June 30th Any new members who join us in 2021 will not be required to pay a dues  fee ($60.00 which is $45.00 and the application fee of $15.00) until after Jan. 1, 2022. **Note: If new members paid their dues in 2021 prior to June 30, 2021 they do not have to pay dues until January 1 2023**. The cutoff for Dues will be March 2022. Now is the time to tell your families and friends to join us because this is a great incentive to get new members. This is a proven way to make the lodge more fun for you and actually all of us.
Events: In March of 2020, because of the virus, we were a few days away from having our Distinguished Citizen Dinner, (March 15th) and this forced us to postpone the event. The event has now been rescheduled! It’s going to be on Sunday, August 29, 2021, at IL Monticello’s in Meriden, starting time is 1pm.  For ticket or ad information please contact Regina at sammyn24@hotmail.com or 203-376-8524 or Lenny at lric56@yahoo.com or call 203-234-0215. Leave message and we’ll return your call.
Also in 2020 we were planning the following events: 50’s dance party, Porchetta Dinner, Golf Tournament, Horse Races, Comedy Night, Classic Rock Burger Night, Fashion Show, Military Whist, a Mohegan bus trip, and a couple of movie nights. Rescheduled already are Movie Night, July 17 and our Horse Race, August 21. Both will be at the church, details will be announced at the July Lodge meeting. I would like to begin planning as many of these events as we can.
Committees and Committee meetings: To start us off I’ll be announcing that we will have a Ways and Means meeting soon. We’ll set a date for the committee meetings at the lodge meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting. Our Scholarship committee was active during the pandemic but we did not receive any applications. One Scholarship was awarded via the State foundation in our Lodge’s name.
Our Charities committee moratorium is still in effect, however it’s probably a good idea we get back to the normal way of operating our charitable giving. The first order of business is our donation to State foundation which will support, Alzheimer’s, Cooley Anemia and Autism charities.
The State Convention: was June 19th.  At the State Convention 5 of our Lodge members were installed as state officers. Neil Velleca – State President, Cynthia Fernandez – State Recording Secretary, Michael Mooney – State Financial Secretary, Nathan Vestal – Treasurer, Susan Velleca – Trustee. Congratulations to all of them!.
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http://www.northhavenlodge2805.club Hope to See You at our next Lodge meeting, July 6, 2021.

MARK’S TRIVIA 1.What was the first pizza chain in the United States?
a. Dominoes
b. Pizza Hut
c. Little Caesars
d. Papa John’s  What is the literal translation of the cooking term ‘al dente’?
a. to the tooth
b. not soft
c. by hand
d. of dough

Q1 = Pizza Hut
Q2 = To the tooth

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