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CultureItalian Heritage Month


Cricket Festival There was a time, prior to 1999, when the people of Florence believed that the song of the cricket would bring their household good luck. In Spring the Festa del Grillo or the cricket festival was held. A market was formed at the Cascine Park where crickets were sold in colorful, hand woven cages. According to tradition if a man decorates his beloved’s doors or windows with flowers and gives her a cricket, luck would favor him in love. For days leading up to the festival children would… Continue Reading…

CultureItalian Heritage Month

Early History – Italians in New Haven

Mass migrations to America in the 1880’s changed the Yankee flavor of New Haven forever. New arrivals began to outnumber the inhabitants of British stock for the first time in New Haven’s history. The earliest known Italian inhabitant of New Haven was William Diodate, who lived here from 1717 to 1751. The next recorded Italian residents were Venetian Jews. Ezra Stiles. Her diary reported their arrival in an entry on September 13, 1772. Almost a century passed before records showed a real beginning of an Italian settlement in New Haven.… Continue Reading…

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The Ice Cream Cone

The ice cream cone is said to have originated at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1904. But that leaves out an important part of history: the story of the cone inventor. The patent for cone-making was awarded to Italo Marchioni (1868-1954) in 1903. Marchioni was a street vendor on Wall Street where he sold lemon ices from a pushcart to Wall Street brokers and runners. He had been working on a cone-making device since 1896 and filed for a patent in 1902. Thanks to an article… Continue Reading…

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