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Mothers Day

By Frank Mentone I was orphaned more than fifteen years ago when my mother passed away.  Thirty-nine years old was too soon to be left without the guidance and understanding only a mother can give. My mother was a terrible person who today would be sent to jail.When I did something wrong, she wasn’t afraid to hit first and ask questions second. If for some reason I was later found innocent of the crime her sense of fairness was to let me know she would be more lenient the next… Continue Reading…

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Ash Wednesday

The first day of Lent is commonly known as Ash Wednesday. I remember when I was a child, that was the beginning of a most religious and reflective time of our Catholics lives. Especially if you went to Catholic school and had a mother who was quite handy with a wooden spoon, a leather belt or a ping pong paddle. The day would traditionally begin with attending Mass in the morning. Following the Mass, ashes would be dispensed (only by a priest) and this would be followed by making a… Continue Reading…

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Well Brother:

Well brother , it’s Thanksgiving weekend. Where do I start? First, Thanksgiving without the old man, then without mom, then without you and finally without Mary, were all very tough. But this one is tough in a different way. With the fear of this deadly virus spreading, the question is, “How do we handle the holiday.”  We are very careful, following all the mask, handwashing and distancing protocol. But what should the attendance be for a dinner that usually finds us hosting upwards of 15 family members?  It’s funny, even… Continue Reading…

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Halloween has some special memories of my youth.

Halloween has some special memories of my youth.  As a youngster, “store bought” costumes were always what the other kids wore. My mother always made something out of what was hanging around the house. An old set of long Johns, a cardboard box, kitchen pots and pans and my sister’s skirts were some of her creative supplies. I remember wearing my sister’s school uniform skirt one year and getting a slap because I told her if I could borrow her face as well, it would be a super scary costume.… Continue Reading…

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New Years

I went to bed at 9:00 PM on New Years Eve. I guess my days of partying well into the afternoon are long gone. I would have stayed up a bit longer, but I watched Dick Clarke’s Rocking New Year’s Eve Party for an hour, and I realized I didn’t recognize one of the entertainers. It was not a pleasant revelation. After watching this horror show, I wasn’t sure if it was an example of the sad state I am in, or the sad state  our society is in. I… Continue Reading…

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Columbus Faced Brown Street

10-12-2020 By Lodge Member Frank Mentone When I was young, I used to ask my father when we could partake in a particular activity that I knew he wasn’t interested in. His answer was always the same. “When Columbus throws the ball down Brown Street,” he would bark. To those who grew up in that neighborhood, that was a standard reply from many fathers. The statue of Christopher Columbus was erected in 1892 in the Wooster Street green. The large monument of Columbus holding the globe, faced Brown Street. That… Continue Reading…

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