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Shrimp Leonardo

Recipe origin By Lenny Ricciardelli – This Shrimp Leonardo recipe is a recipe I came up with with help from my mom. Back when I was catering, I had lined up a series of Latin weddings. I was able to do that because i had the equipment to roast pigs inside or outside. A Latin tradition was, they always wanted a roasted pig. Along with the pig they also had a family tradition of serving paella buffet style from a large pan, next to a food station, carving the pig… Continue Reading…

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November is the Start of the Holiday Season.

By Lenny Ricciardelli November for many Italian American Families is the start of the holiday Season, especially when it comes to family get together, and FOOD.  Being in the food business most of my life, I’ve learned there is diversity in many Italian American traditional meals but no matter the menu the common ingredient is always Love. Growing up and even when we got married, we always did things around the meat market schedule. In our stores the 3 main food holidays were of course Thanksgiving, Christmas and the granddaddy… Continue Reading…

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Trips to Radio City

My stories are usually about our traditions revolving around food, family and holidays. Maybe I’ll try something different this time Maybe some of you watched the Radio City show on Netflix. I did, and watching it made me think about  a family tradition, which started in 1988 and ended in 2001. When I was a teenager our family went to radio city, at the time I never wanted to go, because I was more interested in staying home and listening to records etc. It just wasn’t ”cool” to go with… Continue Reading…

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