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Italian American Heritage Month, October 2021

Benvenuti! (Welcome!) Italian-American Heritage Month is an annual designation observed in October. During this time, we celebrate the Italian-American culture, and spread the word about the traditions that come with it. Italian-Americans have made many contributions to the U.S., especially in art, humanities, and sciences. In 1880, Italians began migrating to the U.S. to flee rural poverty in Southern Italy and Sicily, and today, Americans of Italian descent are the nations fifth-largest ethnic group

Giuliana is so happy to be Italian American. Shes part of a group called Hardcore Italians. The videos are fun to watch! Take a look!

Italian American Heritage Month is celebrated every year to honor and recognize the centuries of achievements, successes, and valuable contributions of Italian immigrants and Italian Americans. It occurs in October to overlap with the federal holiday of Columbus Day, which is celebrated on the second Monday of each October. Italian American Heritage Month was first celebrated in 1989 by a special proclamation of both Congress and President George H. W. Bush.

Over 5 million Italians immigrated to the United States between 1820 and 2000. Currently, there are over 26 million Americans of Italian descent residing in the United States. This makes Italian-Americans the fifth largest ethnic group in our nation. Each year Italians around the country take time to celebrate their heritage, history, and culture with festivals and parades.


Use #ItalianAmericanHeritageMonth, or #ItalianAmericanHeritage to post on social media. Honor the 18 million Americans of Italian descent who have brought their vivacious, fun, and tasty culture to America. If you have Italian in you, make sure your family history, traditions, and values stay alive! Tell stories that have been passed down, show old pictures, and (our personal favorite) cook up a big traditional Italian meal! Many Italian-American families have meaningful accounts of hardships, discovery and drive that brought them to where they are today. Take your children, grandchildren, friends, and other family members on a cultural journey. Believe it or not, it’s actually National Pasta Month and National Pizza Month as well… so if you’re looking for the right time in your life to start cutting out carbs, now’s not the time. Remember to take a few pictures of how you choose to celebrate this month, and post on social media with the hashtags listed above. We’re anxious to see how you bring forth a slice of Italy!