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Italian American Football players

Included are college, and professional, players, coaches, owners, and other contributors to the sport. Shown here are some of the most popular. For a complete list as of 2019 click here. As of the creation of this webpage there are 230 names. Source wikipedia.

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Lyle Alzado (1949–1992) Alan Ameche (1933–1988) Mark Bavaro (born 1963) Gary Beban (born 1946) Stephen Bisciotti (born 1960), NFL owner, Baltimore Ravens Doug Buffone (1944–2015) Nick Buoniconti (1940–2019) Gino Cappelletti (born 1934) John Cappelletti (born 1952) Carmen Cozza (1930–2018) Gary Cuozzo (born 1941) Joe Danelo (born 1953) Mark Dantonio (born 1956), Head Coach, Michigan State Spartans football. In 2015, he became the first head coach in Big Ten history to achieve at least 11 wins in 5 of 6 seasons. Edward J. DeBartolo, Jr. (born 1946), NFL owner, San Francisco 49ers Denise DeBartolo York (born 1950), NFL owner, San Francisco 49ers Joe Flacco (born 1985) Chuck Fusina (born 1957) Jimmy Garoppolo (born 1991) Jim Harbaugh (born 1963), His mother is of half-Sicilian John Harbaugh (born 1962), His mother is of half-Sicilian Franco Harris (born 1950) (Italian mother) best known for “Immaculate reception” Ted Hendricks (born 1947), Italian maternal grandparents Italian mother Daryle Lamonica (born 1941) Dante Lavelli (1923–2009) Vince Lombardi (1913–1970), legendary football coach. Ray Malavasi (1930–1987) Gino Marchetti (1926–2019) Ed Marinaro (born 1950) Dan Marino (born 1961), Hall of Fame quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Steve Mariucci (born 1955) Doug Marrone (born 1964) Tom Martelli, Oldest Player to join the league, play in the league, and will a Super Bowl, Super Bowl LI Joe Montana (born 1956), widely considered one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Chuck Pagano (born 1960) Bill Parcells (born 1941) Babe Parilli (1930–2017) Dan Pastorini (born 1949) Joe Paterno (1926–2012), legendary football coach for Penn State. Andy Robustelli (1925–2011) Sam Rutigliano (born 1933) Tony Siragusa (born 1967) Paul Tagliabue (born 1940), former NFL commissioner Vinny Testaverde (born 1963) Gino Torretta (born 1970) Charley Trippi (born 1921) Dick Vermeil (born 1936), football coach Phil Villapiano (born 1949) Adam Vinatieri (born 1972), football kicker for Indianapolis