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    Our group seeks to perpetuate cultural identity and solidarity within the Italian American community and to propagate unity and cooperation among Italian Americans.  All events put on by the North Haven Sons & Daughters of Italy, Lodge 2805 are intended to embody the attributes of generosity and goodwill that define the Italian spirit.

While we maintain many of our Italian traditions, we are now an ethnically diverse family, striving to best use the vitality of our youth, the talents of our adults, and the wisdom of our senior members.

     We feel that this Lodge will provide an important community service to the Town of North Haven and our surrounding communities.

Our Lodge’s mission is to sustain the social vitality and cultural vibrancy of the Italian American heritage, by strengthening family life, uplifting human services, binding together the diverse historical traditions of Italians, and honoring the legacy of Italian immigration to the United States.



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Italian festival

Our Festival was called the Italian Festival of Angels. it began in August of 2005 and ended in August of 2013

Fashion Show

Coming Soon

50's party

Coming soon

Cooking contests

Judges tasting meatballs


Bocce League and playing for charity

Special Paintings for our Members only

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Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi, by Matt Gill Vince Lombardi was born on June 11, 1913 in Brooklyn, New York. While watching Super Bowl 55 on February 7, 2021, I began a look back at the Super Bowl, I quickly discovered the names of 200 Italians, and Americans of Italian descent, who all had a big impact on American Football. Yes, there were a few Italians from Italy who played American football. In fact, there is even an Italian Football League the IF that started in 2008.      Our own Italian American football… Continue Reading…

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Italian Food

This is from our Italian Festival of Angels board collection. Glenn and I were on a roll and just picked a couple items to complete the board content.  We had some motivation for thinking of the Muffuletta because in 2007 a vendor was supposed to sell the Muffuletta sandwich, but unfortunately they did not attend for personal reasons. I offered a refund but they graciously offered the Fee as a donation. The Muffuletta: Crusty Italian Bread, Olive oil on both sides of the bread, chopped green and black olives, Good… Continue Reading…

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The Coppola (Hat)

I can remember both My Grandfather’s, My Father and Father-in-law wearing the hat know as COPPOLA. I’m sure that many more of us have memories of relatives wearing this hat. Many of us still wear the Coppola hat. I know I have done so. It’s traditionally known as an Italian hat. The style is a flat cap. The theory is this “flat cap” originated in England during the reign of the Tudors. Then sometime in the early 20th century, it became popular in Sicily and Calabria, the Coppola Hat became… Continue Reading…

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We thrive on making fine desserts that enrich the taste & soul.