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    Our group seeks to perpetuate cultural identity and solidarity within the Italian American community and to propagate unity and cooperation among Italian Americans.  All events put on by the North Haven Sons & Daughters of Italy, Lodge 2805 are intended to embody the attributes of generosity and goodwill that define the Italian spirit.

While we maintain many of our Italian traditions, we are now an ethnically diverse family, striving to best use the vitality of our youth, the talents of our adults, and the wisdom of our senior members.

     We feel that this Lodge will provide an important community service to the Town of North Haven and our surrounding communities.

Our Lodge’s mission is to sustain the social vitality and cultural vibrancy of the Italian American heritage, by strengthening family life, uplifting human services, binding together the diverse historical traditions of Italians, and honoring the legacy of Italian immigration to the United States.



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Our finest Events

Italian festival

Our Festival was called the Italian Festival of Angels. it began in August of 2005 and ended in August of 2013

Fashion Show

Coming Soon

50's party

Coming soon

Cooking contests

Judges tasting meatballs


Bocce League and playing for charity

Special Paintings for our Members only

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Latest News

Bobby Darin

Born “Walden Robert Cassotto” on May 14, 1936 Legendary Italian American entertainer Bobby Darin had a wide range of talent. Darin rose from poor beginnings in Harlem and the south Bronx. He also fought rheumatic fever as a child, which damaged his heart and plagued him throughout his life. As a result of these obstacles, he worked extremely hard to overcome them. Knowing his life would not be a long one, his ambition to succeed was fueled by an overwhelming desire to make it big in show business . Bobby… Continue Reading…

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Ella Grasso

The election of Ella Grasso in 1974 gave Connecticut its first female governor and its first governor of Italian heritage. Her election also gave the nation the first woman of any state to be elected governor in her own right, without having run on the record of a husband who had also been governor. Born Ella Giovanna Oliva Tambussi, her parents James and Maria (Oliva) Tambussi were Italian immigrants who valued education highly and made it possible for her to attend private schools. She attended St. Mary’s School, Windsor Locks,… Continue Reading…

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Trips to Radio City

My stories are usually about our traditions revolving around food, family and holidays. Maybe I’ll try something different this time Maybe some of you watched the Radio City show on Netflix. I did, and watching it made me think about  a family tradition, which started in 1988 and ended in 2001. When I was a teenager our family went to radio city, at the time I never wanted to go, because I was more interested in staying home and listening to records etc. It just wasn’t ”cool” to go with… Continue Reading…

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